12. Let go of fear and uncertainty with the MIR-Method

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One of the most heard results of the MIR-Method is that people feel less fear and gain more self-confidence! We even received reports that phobias disappeared: fear of spiders, fear of heights or agoraphobia.

Fear and uncertainty is actually a very strange form of emotion, because it is often based on something that is not real. is, something that does not really pose a threat. If you were now in a cage with lions, yes, fear would fit well, but the strange thing is that people are often afraid of things that are there now!

Fear of bad luck, of lack of money, for angry reactions, fear of making mistakes, for rejection from the neighbors, for speaking in front of a group of people. These are all fears of situations of which the only question is whether it will happen! We all play fortune tellers of doomsday scenarios2019s, as if we already know what’s going to happen and that’s actually complete nonsense!

Then why the fear?
Why are people often so afraid? That’s the big question! One of the answers to that is that fear is a feeling of our inner child. The child does not feel strong and wants to be protected. It then already creates fear in advance, to prevent you from taking a step towards those neighbors, or towards that group of people. It is all based on experiences you had as a child. Take a look back:

How were you treated at school if you made a mistake?
What happened at home if you accidentally broke or messed something up?
How were peers with you? Were you laughed at?
These are just some of the memories it takes to feel fear now as an adult. To erase those memories, use the 9 steps of the MIR-Method. All steps contain elements that help you to clean your weather u2018u2019. You then slowly but surely brush away the sourness of your youth, you let go of the toxic words, the nasty swear words, the rejection of your parents, teachers or peers. It can all flow away and make way for your self-love.
In the webinar u2018 Releasing fear and uncertaintyu2019 I will tell you, among other things, what you can do as a mother to make your child less anxious, but also which nutrition helps you to be less anxious. are. You can read the content of the webinar here.
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Regain love for yourself
Love for yourself is your greatest asset. No one has the right to step on it to make you small. Yet that has happened to almost everyone and it still happens every day to many children. You use the MIR-Method to regain love for yourself. You will see that you are allowed to make mistakes, that you are allowed to take risks, that you don’t have to be afraid of tomorrow or the reactions of others.

You no longer remain the little hurt inside child, but grows up inside and discovers that you can come up with a solution in every situation, or ask for help. You will discover that you are worth it and that you are not alone! Welcome, dear inner adult!

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