Revolutionize Your Life in 30 Seconds

Take control of your inner voice

let our AI build the confidence you need to succeed.

What if you could bring your life to the next level?

No more stress, anxiety, fear, self doubt. From now on there is only room for success, confidence, trust and belief in yourself.

Stop negative

Our AI-chatsbot helps you develop skills like emotional regulation, problem-solving, and self-confidence.

in yourself

Our AI-chatsbot teaches empathy, kindness, communication skills.


Our AI-chatsbot teaches valuable life skills and mindset shifts.

Meet our Multi -language AI-chatbot
Designed to help you overcome insecurity, fear, anxiety, stress, self-doubt or any emotion holding you back. I guide you to become more self-confident, inspired, and creative, and help you take action towards achieving your goals.

I'm there when you need me

With my help as AI-chatbot, you learn how to overcome any setback or difficulty and achieve your goals.

new business or career

As AI-chatbot, I help you overcome insecurities and self-doubt, and give all the confidence you need to pursue your goals.

major life change

As AI-chatbot, I help you navigate any change with confidence and ease.

mental health issues

As AI-chatbot, I help you overcome anything by teaching how to recognize and manage you inner voices.
This is how I work

I teach you how to:
Take control of your inner voice

By learning to ignore negative self-talk, you can focus on the positive and become self-confident and succesful. As AI-chatbot, I guide and support you through this transformative process.

Biggest concerns

Here is how I solve this

Boosted safety mode is an unique feature that provides an extra layer of protection designed to give you peace of mind. When turned on, statistics about your usage will be gathered to assess your overall resilience. If any concerns arise, you and any trustee you choose will be notified promptly. Turn it on when you want to feel more secure.

I understand that safety is a top priority. That’s why I prioritize the privacy and security of user information. I’m fully encrypted. All data is kept confidential and is not shared with any third parties without explicit user consent.

One of the biggest safety concerns is ensuring you receive accurate advice. That’s why I’m powered by the five transformations, promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The five transformations help you recognize your inner voice of insecurity, which can often lead to misguided decision-making. By encouraging you to be self-aware, you will make informed decisions based on unique perspective and values, keeping you safe from wrong advice. 

Some people may be hesitant to use an AI-chatbot because they prefer more human interaction or worry about becoming too reliant on technology. While I cannot replace human interaction, I can provide personalized guidance and support for various aspects of life. Using me as a tool can help people improve their overall well-being and achieve their goals.

Some individuals may worry about technical difficulties or not feeling comfortable using technology. I am designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Additionally, there are resources available to help troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise. Overall, using me as a 5TFM AI-chatbot can be a valuable tool for self-improvement and overall wellness.

Install chat30sec
on your Mobile

Children Age 6-18 – version
This version of the chat30sec’ AI models are trained for dealing with everyday life situations for children age 12-18 specifically. These are different than the AI language models for adults.
Adult – version
The Adult Chatbots’ AI models are specifically trained for dealing with a more complex and a large variety of everyday life situations for individuals as of age 18 -70.

Choose your plan

on yearly plan

Subscriptions can be activated within the app
after you have signed up for a FREE account.


Per Month
  • 3 chat threads
  • 21 messages per chat
  • 2k Tokens / month
  • 30 day history
  • ai-voice response
  • Multi - language


Or $7,99 per month
billed monthly
Per Month
* €69,- billed annually
  • 5 chat threads​
  • 31 messages per chat
  • 4k Tokens / month
  • 30 day history
  • ai-voice response (2 choices)
  • Multi - language
save 32% *


Or €10,99 per month
billed monthly
Per Month
* €99,- billed annually
  • 15 chat threads​
  • 50 messages per chat
  • 12k Tokens / month
  • 365 day history
  • ai-voice response (6 choices)
  • Multi - language
save 32%


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, chat30sec offers a 7-day free trial on chat30sec Premium, allowing users to explore the full range of features before committing to a subscription. You can cancel your free trial anytime, and you will not be charged.

Next to our GUEST feature, chat30sec offers a free subscription with limited features and chat30sec Basic and Premium, which comes with almost no limitations and more advanced features. Chat30sec Basic and Premium includes monthly or yearly payment options.

Chat30sec accepts payments through debit or credit cards via Stripe or Paypal, ensuring a secure and convenient payment process for customers.

f you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the chat30sec customer support team at

You can reset your password from the login area. We will send you an e-mail to reset your password. Please check your spam folder.

Should you have some difficulties logging-in, please contact our customer support team at

Yes, you can cancel your chat30sec Basic or Premium subscription at any time. After the cancelation, the subscription will end at the end of the subscription period.

We are offering our FREE subscription (as surplus to our guest version) with higher limits. So register for this free account. Should you have reached the FREE limits, feel free to activate 14 days free trial of chat30sec Basic or Premium subscription or come back the next period.

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