Biggest insecurities among (young) adults

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Everyone faces insecurities. The u00e9u00e9n can handle it better than the other. The u00e9u00e9n will also talk about it faster than the other. Insecurity can really eat a person up inside. Although we prefer to be perfect and do not want to show our insecurities to the outside world, it is good to talk about it. By throwing our insecurities on the table, we break a taboo. Often you notice that as soon as you speak something, you are not the only one with this uncertainty. After all, we are all only human.

Insecurity about your appearance

Most perfect pictures fly around you on social media. Trained bodies, wrinkle-free faces, the most beautiful clothes. It’s very human to be insecure about that. It seems like the whole world would2019 have one tight body and you don’t. Do you feel insecure about your appearance because you see seemingly perfect pictures? Do you realize that a large part of people post photos on social media because it’s their job. They train hard for a u2018perfectu2019 body. They also choose the most favorable photo, which does not show a roll, or they use tools or filters to brush away the wrinkles. Try to be less concerned with what you see on social media. Everyone has a body that they can be proud of.

Sweaty feet or other bad smells

Bad smells are often mentioned first in the list of turn-offs during a first date, for example. No wonder many people are unsure about this. It’s apparently something you’re being held accountable for. Still, you can’t help it if you sweat excessively. The u00e9u00e9n has that more than the other. Fortunately, you can do something about the odors and hopefully also reduce or even remove the uncertainty. If you suffer from sweaty feet, for example, you can tackle the cause with a good hygienic daily ritual. Regularly wash your feet thoroughly and make sure they are thoroughly dry, including between the toes. Air your feet regularly and make sure you wear well-ventilated shoes. Put on a clean pair of socks every day, or more often if necessary. In addition, there is of course an effective remedy against foot odor and sweaty feet. With a special foot spray you tackle the cause of the problem.

I’m not good enough

Comparing yourself to others can be disastrous for your self-confidence. People who compare themselves a lot to others actually always think they are inferior. The other always has it better, has more money or a nicer job. If you can’t see what you have, you always feel like you’re not good enough. Especially in the world we live in now, where the possibilities are open to us, many people struggle with that feeling. Achievements are shared on social media and people mainly show the good side of themselves. This paints the picture that there are no problems or uncertainties. When you only see that picture, it is logical that you quickly get the feeling that you are not good enough yourself, because you do have problems. A good first step to grow your self-confidence in this is talking to others and expressing your own insecurity, because then it turns out that others also have their problems and they are not at all as perfect as you thought.

Fear of failure

To some it still sounds a bit innocent, but fear of failure can cause quite a lot of complaints. Fear of failure is often present at a young age. Children in primary school can already suffer from this when they have to take a test or perform under pressure. Later in high school, the pressure only increases. People who have to drive off who are terrified and can’t succeed. Students who get into trouble during their education. Adults are not spared either. You can also suffer from performance anxiety in a work environment.
When you suffer from performance anxiety, you are extremely afraid that the task you have to perform will fail, such as a test, driving test, a report that you have to write at work, etc. You are afraid of failure and therefore not meeting the expectations of others. It is precisely this fear that blocks you, making it feel even more impossible to complete your task properly. Do you really have a deep fear of failure that gets in your way and hinders you in your daily life? Then it is advisable to seek help in the form of therapy.

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