Help my child is insecure

Fight insecurity for children
As a parent, there is nothing more annoying than seeing your child feel insecure. As a parent you feel powerless. You want your child to be more secure. provides you with tools to help your child fight insecurity.


As a parent you are powerless when it comes to insecurity in your child. Why don’t your kids listen?


With sports you fight insecurity, especially with Brazilian Jiu Jutsu. What makes this sport unique?


Little attention is paid to insecurity in school. We are here to help you out.

Tackle Insecurity
-Transfrom the life of your child -



Overcome powerlessness and discover how addressing insecurity can improve communication with your children.



Explore how Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniquely combats insecurity, empowering you beyond the mat.



Enhance focus on insecurity with our program, addressing its overlooked impact on education.

The Hidden Crisis in Parenting

Is Your Child a Stranger to You?
Insecurity shapes their desires, actions, and friendships, often leaving you puzzled and concerned. It’s the invisible force altering their path.

Navigating the Maze of Insecurity:

Parents face the daunting task of balancing boundaries, discipline, communication, and standards amidst their own insecurities. It's a tightrope walk of enforcing rules without harm, initiating effective conversations, and setting an example, all while insecurity looms, threatening to disrupt this delicate balance. Recognize its impact and arm yourself with strategies to shield your child and restore confidence.

Parents insecurity

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's Impact on Kids

Revolutionize Your Child’s Confidence with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Witness their transformation from followers to leaders. Insecurity fades as they embrace challenges and learn from every situation.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Empowering Through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Discover how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu redefines rules, loss, perseverance, and social navigation for kids. It's not just about enforcing rules but turning them into valuable life lessons. Losing becomes a learning opportunity, teaching resilience and the art of bouncing back. It also equips children to handle social pressures with grace, find their place in new groups, and practice pushing through challenges, laying a foundation for lifelong confidence and success.

Schooling vs. Real Life
A Parent's Guide

Schools Miss the Mark on Real-World Prep
Discover how to empower your child against the backdrop of irrelevant curricula, bad influences, and inadequate future planning.

Navigating School Challenges with Confidence

School often overlooks real-life skills, leaving kids questioning the relevance of math and reading, and struggling with popularity, friendships, and groupthink. Teach them to find joy in learning, understand the true value of intelligence, become empowered regardless of external factors, choose friends wisely, and develop strong willpower. It's about guiding them to set their own boundaries, make independent choices, and confidently stand alone when necessary. Equip your child to thrive beyond the classroom.

insecurity in studies

Okay. I understand the impact of insecurity on my child.
Tell me: What to do next?

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The stories of Inse and Curity and our Kids AI-chatbot help children become acquainted with the popular 5 Transformations (TFM) and ensure that your child overcomes insecurity and embraces life with 10x more fun

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