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Embrace your journey:

from struggle to fulfillment

Once trapped by negativity, we learned: mastering your inner voice is a lifelong quest for happiness, wealth, and self-love.
Start your transformation today.

Healthier being

Gain emotional control and self-confidence for a healthier psyche with

Loving connections

Foster empathy and communication for deeper relationships through

Happiness & Prosperity

Learn life skills and mindset shifts for happiness and wealth with

Revealing inner voice secrets:

Eternal Vigilance

 Insecurity, a relentless shadow

Persistent Echo

A daily resurgence, unfailing

Master of Disguise

Deception’s finest artist


Emerges and vanishes unexpectedly

Convincing Salesman

Crafts compelling narratives, ruthlessly

Fickle Ally

Occasionally shields from blunders, boasting proudly

My (negative) inner voice controlled my life and made me feel insecure.

Especially in my teens; Jeannette.

Jeannette Belonje and Pyke van Dieren

The heart and soul behind the Innervoice movement.
Together, they’re not just parents to five; they’re pioneers, guiding you through the Five Transformations towards a fulfilled life.

Jeannette Belonje

Jeannette, an oral hygienist and mother of five, harnesses her deep connection with people to elevate innervoice.IO to new heights. Her journey from nurturing her family to empowering others as an Inner Coach is truly inspiring.

Jeannette Belonje

IInitiator of the innervoice.IO movement.

Pyke, with his rich Colombian indigenous heritage, brings profound spiritual insights. His teachings, discovered during transformative journeys, fuel our ethos.

Pyke van Dieren

Technical engine of the Innervoice.IO movement and Philanthropic entrepreneur

Pyke van Dieren

Become part of our family of coaches!

About us should be about You

Mission – “Become happy, healthy and wealthy” –

We, you and our participants – all – want to improve our life, health, love, happiness, relationships, career, wealth or even become a spiritual being.

Now we all can do this together.

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learn more about how to become a certified inner coach yourself.

Our values
Stay Grounded, Attentive, and Respectful

Be objective

Master the art of calm objectivity, seeing beyond the visible.

Listen more

Embrace the wisdom of listening twice as much as speaking.

Be respectful

Focus on genuine human connections, beyond divisions of gender, ethnicity, or politics.

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There are secrets
nobody talks about?

Why they succeed?

Why do rich or famous people succeed?

Nothing works for me!

Why does nothing seem to work?

There are ancient secrets!

How did people deal with difficult stuff in the past?


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