Insecurity about your appearance controls your thoughts

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You are attractive, intelligent and successful, yet you feel insecure about your appearance. You’re afraid you’re not thin enough, not pretty enough, not fit enough, not young enough.

At the same time, you’re ashamed that you’re doing such superficial things. Life isn’t just about looks, is it? You have much more to offer and you would rather spend your time, money, and energy on something else. Yet your appearance does not let you go.

You are afraid that your partner will leave you for a woman who is more beautiful than you.
You often feel inferior if you see one woman. You miss her beauty, you think, and that feels like a shortcoming. You are a different kind of person with a lesser kind of life. You consider yourself ordinary and ordinary is not good enough.

Only the look of others gives your self-confidence a boost.
You notice that some women seem to look at you with exactly the same feelings. That makes you indignant: you are so much more than what you look like! But it also makes you feel better about yourself. Just like you feel better when you get a lot of likes, when a man flirts with you, or when someone says you lost weight.

But most of the time you feel bad and inferior.
The voice in your head tells you to look different, prettier, thinner, better. With that firmly in your ears, you try to shape yourself over and over again. You compete with yourself to get the appreciation you need to feel good.

It just doesn’t get any easier as you get older.
You know that you should be kidding about the fact that you too are getting wrinkles. That it all looks less tight and less radiant. It’s part of it, you can’t escape it, but you really struggle with it. You are now even more sure that you are inferior to others. Your appearance is even less satisfactory, you are now also old.

You whip yourself to do better.
You subject yourself to strict rules: diu00ebs, sports, 100% natural skin care or a squirt here and there. You do everything to become good enough.

You just want to be happy with yourself, but you don’t know how!

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