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Tony Robbins NLP -Neuro-linguistic programming?

Great at selling his product. His mantra is thoughts create behavior. But the real question what thoughts are – to you – never get answered. This does not work for you. 

Mel Robbins
5 Second Rule

Again great at selling. But really? You need 5 seconds? That is b.s. It’s like throwing on paint when your car is broken. You do not fix the real problem. This does not work for you. 

Joe Dispenza Coherence Healing

He picked “quantum mechanics” to explain that your thinking can control a “quantum field” and change everything.  it’s like using band aid when you have  and internal digestion problem. This does not work for you. 

Rhonda Byrne – Manifestation Secret

Best example of selling to the masses. Just thinking brings you everything you want. But how hard you try – your thoughts just don’t change. This does not work for you. 

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The BIG question!
Why did nothing work?

You followed every advice out there. You baught the books, the courses, joined every mailing list. You went to expensive events.  And yet: STILL NOTHING WORKS.

Brendon Burchard – High performance habits

It all makes sense what he is teaching. So you put is all the work and hours but still nothing changes. Why? There must be something else you overlook. So why does it not work for you??
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Marie Forleo – great entrepreneur and TV host. 

You followed all advice and yes, you see some change in your life. But why can you not realise your real dreams. What have you missed? Why do you still talk negative about yourself?

Why does it not work for me?

What the hell am I doing wrong? Does it have something to do with:

Because I do not have enough money?

This must be it right? But when you take a closer look, many highly successful people grew up very poor. So this can not be it. What then?

Because of the neighborhood I life?

Yes, this is what gurus tell you. You are the average of your 5 closest friend or your zip-code determines your outcome. But this will not scare you, once your understand a simple secret. 

Because I'm just not smart enough?

Again, as you might agree, some of the dumbest people seem to get very far in life. You might believe your are not smart, but compared to whom? So this can not be it. What then? 

Because I do not have the right genes?

People are just people. And yes genes determine outcome of eye color. But with 18 billion people, that can not determine the level of success. So this can not be it. What then? 

Dean graziosi -Millionaire Success Habits

Inner cercle of Tony Robbins and so they all teach the same but in slightly different ways. What do they miss? Why is it not working for you longterm?

The BIG question!
DO OUR gurus and life coaches GOT IT WRONG?

Because most of them teach that:

Brian Tracy – Self Development Courses.

Influenced many people and all seems very logical. Many people changed their lives, so why is it not working for you? Why, why? What are you missing?


After studing for decades we discovered their secret.

And this secret is:

And because of this there is no point in keeping this a secret


QuoteJoin the very few who understand this information, and put yourself years ahead of the rest. Remember: The first to react always gain the most!

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Did you ever notice. That when you try to motivate yourself it only last for a couple of minutes. Yes in a group setting you get excited, but when you’re home again your motivation is gone.  So you need something that works and lasts. What secret do highly successful people or the elite have that they do not seem to share (or you just missed it).  This secret got you covered. 

Many people work hard and make long hours, have goals and never give up. Yet they get nowhere. Ooh you say, you need to work smart. Again these are all just words. There must be something else that successful people or the elite do not tell you about. This secret got you covered.

There are countless examples of people who have no education, are not smart or intelligent, are ugly, yet they achieved their dreams, build happy family lives and became rich or meaningful. So there must be something that all those people have in common. This secret got you covered. 

Did you know - millions of people spend on avarage
$ 12.500 on

personal development, self-help, meditation, motivational courses, events, workshops and books yet 98% of them never reach their dreams.

How is this possible – when today’s gurus claim it should work?

After studing for decades we discovered their secret.

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Eckhart Tolle – Power of NOW

When you really thing of living in the NOW, you understand that does not change anything. Now happens a few seconds ago and you can go on forever. You need something more. So this does not work for you.  

Why would we just give away this secret?

This secret was passed down for centuries, but somehow got lost and was changed first in the 19th century and later on with the upcoming of social media with all it’s get-rich-quick stuff.

The secret is:

And because of this there is no point in keeping it a secret

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Worlds most famous book and a great first step to get excited to change your life. And then suddenly you get stuck. Why? What do you do wrong. Why do others get ahead and you don’t. 

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